DREAM Programs

This section of our website is dedicated to information and updates for our out-of-school programs while we are experiencing interruptions. We remain dedicated to all DREAM participants throughout this time. We will aim to bring you new information in real time, as we find out more.

DREAM Program Updates

Virtual REAL Kids (Elementary), DREAM University (MS), and our summer youth employment program have gone virtual!!

Real Kids: We have taken the core aspects of what we typically do in-person and designed a virtual summer camp experience for youth. Through a combination of live Zoom classes and online activities, this summer REAL Kids is focused on avoiding summer learning loss for all youth, developing and practicing social skills, and providing youth opportunities to try new things and stay physically active. We have employed over 100 high school students to lead activities with youth and develop their own leadership and professional skills. Please feel free to inquire about our summer program by emailing awaters@wearedream.org.

DREAM University: DREAM University is a summer enrichment program for Dream Charter Middle School students. During DREAM University, youth will participate in workshops to maintain literacy and math skills. Youth will have the opportunity to build social skills through the power of teams, enrichment activities and interest exploration. We strive for all youth to be physically active while building strong mindsets and habits about health and wellness. Most importantly, we want our youth to have a fun and safe environment to accomplish and enjoy all these things. DREAM University will operate from Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 31.

Real Kids Weekly Recaps

Week #1

Week 1 was nothing short of a home run. With increasing physical activity as a goal this summer, we were thrilled to see our participants fully embrace cardio and strength exercises alongside their coaches this week. See Judah below, one of our new DREAM Mott Haven kindergarteners, showing us how strong he is! Another highlight of week 1 is hearing what our youth want to include in their teams' Players Promise to each other. The 4th grade Pilots want their teammates to treat each other the way they want to be treated, to not discriminate based on differences, to never leave a teammate behind, and for all players to be joyful. It doesn't get much better than that.

Week #2

Week 2 of summer programs had us all feeling the love. Our Satchel League participants practiced self-love by celebrating what makes them unique and by going on a scavenger hunt to find something they love. One student returned from the hunt with their sibling in tow, reminding us all that #DREAMIsFamily. Our participants also let their creativity shine through, by practicing making their favorite sea creatures out of origami, like you see above! Finally, the Robinson League made sure to keep up the fitness fun with a few rounds of freeze dance. We hope you're enjoying this Summer as much as our students enjoy dancing to baby shark (we’ll give you a hint, it’s a lot)!☀️

Week #3 Recap

Week 3 of summer programs has come to a close! Our REAL Kids leagues focused on friendship, by discussing what they think makes a good friend; self-care, by practicing strategies for dealing with different emotions; and making healthy food choices, by trying new recipes at home like making applesauce from scratch! Our 100 DREAM high school coaches, who work with the REAL Kids teams daily, have been doing an amazing job keeping the kids engaged. We hope you can take a page out of the REAL Kids book & fill your Summer with friendship and self-care too!